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Open Letter…

Dear Friends with the help of hashtag #pipeton

Many of you may have heard through the group in facebook or twitter, I had to succumb to this method to ask for help. Since my family cannot afford  the funds needed to pay for my expenses.

I study at the UDLA, at night and with a scholarship. (What they told me it is for this year. Hopefully i will continue to have it for next year also.

Thanks for all who have retwitted all my messages.

I had problems and thanks to Clinica Davila I went in walking and leftparaplegic because of medical negligence (of which I still havent recieved any explanation). My case has been reported on through various newspaper media. The lawyer Don Eduardo Arevalos( @Edo_arevalo in twitter) of the website “” has offered me his assistance with my case. Everyone else asked for payment before even taking my case, something I cannot afford. I would like to thank Fonadis becuase it was them who gave me my wheel chair and not the telethon. Unfortunately they are not able to help with everything. And the Telethon,  thinks I am in  high class because I have “isapre”. For this motive they ask that I pay half of the cost of my prescriptions. Want everyone to know that my doctor is Cristian Rigo-Righi Abascal, for whom I am very thankful for. Three yeras ago I have been wanting to ask for three things that my family has not been able to help me with.

1)A vehicle (minivan style Vehículo so i will be Able to use my electric wheelchair(that I haven’t used in months. It

is very useful when I am at the university without taking time from my family, that has to move me from classroom to classroom

2) The electric hospital style bed donation(which is what I am currently campaigning for via twitter #pipeton)

3) That my house can become wheel chair friendly. For this I would need a ramp.

Theses are the motives in why I have come out for asking for a handout. Since my family do not have enough resources to attain this for me.

Ways in which you can help me.

Methods of Helping:

a. –checking account in my mother’s name Cristina Guzmán Sepulveda in

Banco De Chile Numero: 17430973-02 Rut 5716314-3 email:

b.-Paypal for the people who are willing to help from abroad or in Chile (only for paypal)

Soon I will be opening my own account and webpage .

If  you have any questions I am on twitter @pipeinformatico. And my email is

my skype is: pipeinformatico

my flickr is (so you can  get to know me)

my facebook is and my group  is

And please don’t forget to help the victims of the earthquake. Thanks

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